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Ghengis John's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Ghengis John

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[09 May 2006|10:11pm]

The bases and some others, nine icons in totalCollapse )
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shake it, baby [07 Feb 2006|08:36am]
Polaroid themed icons for y'all. No fandom, all pictures from gettyimages. Caption for #6 from www.dieselsweeties.com

Clicky clickyCollapse )

Icons are fun.
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[24 Apr 2005|07:35am]
10 mst3k icons

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[13 Apr 2005|11:31am]
I forgot to put this here. (everyone who I've spammed horribly, I'm so so sorry. I just need it somewhere it won't get lost quickly)

Fantasia 2000 screencaps for your iconing needs and mine. Samples and links withinCollapse )
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[12 Apr 2005|10:13am]
IT'S SAMPLE TIME also known as I couldn't be fucked to actually finish anything.

Anyway. Each one of these icons is a sample from a set I'm making (hopefully each set will at least exceed twenty):

Everything from the stop signs to the last were made from caps by peacefully. A finished set can be found at this page and they're of the star wars: clone wars cartoon:

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[09 Apr 2005|07:59pm]

caps by Kokopelli

34 icons within, 16 bases and then text versions of themCollapse )
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[03 Apr 2005|03:53pm]

Everything from withnail and I to kittensCollapse )
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[25 Dec 2004|06:56pm]
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[02 Dec 2004|02:50pm]
Made a set of icons from Weird Al's 'Your Horoscope For Today'.

Your Horoscope For Today. 27 iconsCollapse )
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[10 Oct 2004|02:56pm]

Behold the hattiness of it allCollapse )

The basesCollapse )
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[28 Sep 2004|03:15pm]

Misc icons of people doing interesting things. Like catching fire or being treesCollapse )
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[20 Aug 2004|02:18pm]

17 Jakob Dylan of the WallflowersCollapse )
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[16 Aug 2004|06:54am]

take if you want, no credit needed.

My first animated icons. I'm so proud.

over a thousand more icons in Ghengis Icons.
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One Piece icons [18 Jun 2004|11:28pm]
take what you want, no credit needed. More icons here and here.

the rest are bases. 5 Luffy, 8 from a one-shot that wasn't in the main continuity, 6 misc, 1 Nami. 3 Sanji, 2 Shanks, 2 of Shanks' crewmembers, 3 Usopp, 10 ZoroCollapse )
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[14 Jun 2004|12:37am]
1 Krazy Larry
1 Pearls Before Swine
1 If I Had A Million Dollars

2 more, coloured and from gettyimages and elf only inn respectivelyCollapse )
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[04 Jun 2004|08:43am]

I'm never going to be entirely sure why I made this.

The original caption was going to be 'the face that launched a thousand ship(per)s' and then I got bored of trying to make it fit. The end.
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[31 May 2004|01:09am]
[ mood | cranky ]

Dear Ritz of Final Fantasy Tactics:

I feel I should inform you that I plan to kill you permanantly at my next opportunity, for you are lame.

Your entire character consists of going:

"omfg, my hair is white but it is RED here. Therefore I am never ever going home ever"

"Despite practicing the girliest fighting style in this entire game short of the snakewoman bitchslap, and used only by a race of bunnywomen, I must ask. Am I cute? Am I too manly? And I don't even have the courtesy to blame this on having 'special feelings' for Shara"

and finally:

"Am I cute? Again? btw, I totally hate having white hair and screw my mother who I just bored you to death babbling about!"


he who is going to feed you to a multi-eyed plant.

PS: Ezel is cuter than you. And he is a lizard bunny thing that seems to be drunk off his ass. And he might be french. Why? Because you suck.

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[27 May 2004|04:53pm]

Just three. The first one inspired by a friend talking about unicorns as satanic symbols over here.

The other two were just a desperate urge to find a use for the 'batman beat the hell outta me' font.
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[20 May 2004|04:15am]
I realized that over the past few months, I've been lucky if I read a comicbook. I haven't been writing, I haven't been reading, and what I have read or written was strictly dialogue. Missing a whole half.

So. I thought 'gee, I shall read one book a week to make up for this horrible lapse'

this thought was followed with: 'bitch, please. you can't keep up a pattern for longer than five minutes, let alone a period of several weeks'

so I shrugged and read The Wizard in the Tree by Lloyd Alexander to cheer myself up.

Let's see if I manage something next week.

ps: are childrens books allowed to use 'that little slut' as an insult? Cause, whoa. This question brought to you by John's reading of the book mentioned above.

Turns out it can mean servant girl(which Mallory was). Yay!
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[26 Apr 2004|06:46pm]

64 National GeographicCollapse )
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